Welcome to Max.org, an unofficial fan site of YoVille. YoVille is a game that can be played in Facebook or MySpace using a web browser with the Adobe Flash Player. YoVille currently has over 6 million users according to statistics in Facebook.

In YoVille, each player comes with an "apartment" which is a virtual home. Players can decorate or upgrade their homes through the virtual currencies "YoCash" and "Coins". These virtual currencies can be used to purchase items like furniture, clothes and food in the game. While YoCash requires real money to purchase, players can obtain coins by playing in the game.

How to Get Free Coins in YoVille

Max.org aims to help new players get started in YoVille. Max.org focuses on ways to get YoVille coins legitimately, and does NOT contain any cheats or hacks. "Max" is a jargon often used by players in the game as in "max me plz". This web site is written primarily for Facebook users, there may be subtle differences for MySpace users.

max me plz

There are various means to obtain coins for free in YoVille:

If you have questions about the game, you can discuss with other players in the YoVille Community Forum, or contact Zynga Support.

Web site: www.max.org